While I am based out of Atlanta, I have designed for clients living in Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. As your designer, I work with you to transform your living space into a place you will love to call home. When designing spaces, I think about the things that matter most to you. Those things become the core of your design – what I use to build beauty and functionality around.


I believe your home should reflect who you are and the life you have lived – showcasing your individuality.
I believe your home should be a functional masterpiece designed around the way you live and move in that space.
I believe your home should provide comfort, relaxation, excitement, or invigoration – whichever you want based on how you live.

I believe you should live beautifully. And as your designer, I am committed to thoughtfully creating a well-designed and beautiful space for you to retreat to.


If you are considering hiring an interior designer, chances are you have already researched what to expect when working with a designer. But just as each project is different, designers are also. Kathleen Mapson & Company understands the importance of the designer – client relationship, and believes that it should be based on honesty and transparency. It is important that you share with me your desires, so I can create a space that truly reflects your vision.

  • Foster a Trustworthy Relationship by clearly defining business practices and maintaining transparency throughout your project.
  • Listen Attentively to make sure your vision and voice are heard.
  • Maximize Your Dollars by making wise spending choices and maintaining a balanced budget.
  • Design and Execute a Plan that aligns with your lifestyle, and effortlessly showcases your individuality.