Photo By 825 Memories by J. Darius Greene


Design is how I tell your story to showcase the things that matter the most. It’s how I help you organize your life and have a more comfortable, beautiful space to retreat to. Simply, design is how I help you live.

My earliest memory of telling a story through design was in the 3rd grade. My art class was responsible for the set design of our jungle themed school play. When asked who wanted to create the lion, the star of the show, I excitedly raised my hand. I recall being nervous with every stroke of the paint brush, but somehow trusting my instincts. It turned out better than I imagined. My love for art and design was ignited, and as time passed and projects progressed, I realized my passion. I had to design.
Fast forward a few years ago and three degrees later, I began teaching Graphic and Interior Design at the Art Institute. After sharing my love for design with a few colleagues, I received my first paying project. Throughout each phase of the project I realized even more, how deeply rooted my passion for art and design was. So, trusting those same instincts from all those years ago, I started Kathleen Mapson & Company. It has undoubtedly been one of the most exciting and fulfilling decisions I have made.

I am Kathleen Mapson, an Interior Designer and Artist. I create spaces that are a mix of modern, classic style for sustainable living.