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Need A Little Spring Pick-Me-Up? Start Here...

Here in metroAtlanta Spring has come and gone a couple of times over the last few weeks, but if you are decorating your home for Spring, go ahead and take the plunge. Let those sunny thoughts of Spring (or even Summer) warm your home from the winter blues.Now I will admit, I enjoy Spring-like colors all year round. I'm not the kinda girl that switches up window panels, pillows, and throws to usher in a new season. Now I will pull a switcharoo at any given moment, but not just for the seasons. =) Accent pillows are a quick and easy way to spruce up your home for Spring. So if you are in need of some lovely little Spring updates with bold color and graphic print, be sure to check out some of these affordable beauties for your home. Some are listed as outdoor pillows, but they could also be used inside. Also, if you are a snob pillow chopper like me, and those polyester inserts just don't do it for you, you can easily pop the stitch at the bottom of the pillow (or unzip in some cases) and replace the polyester inserts with a down or down alternative insert. The great news about all these pillows - they are off the shelf from big box stores or can be ordered online at super reasonable prices.

1. Room Essentials® Patterned Decorative Pillow - Yellow

2. Orange & White Polka-Dot

3. Orange & Red Chevron

4. Blue & Green Geometric

5. Blue & Green Tropical

6. White & Yellow Floral

7. Red & Green Geometric

8. Petals Lumbar Citrus 

9. Petals Lumbar Lemon

10. Cabana Geometric

11. Embroidered Flowers

12. Havana Floral

13. Noonday Floral

14. White & Yellow Floral

15. Peacock Yellow

16. Deniz Ercelebi

17. Life's A Beach

18. CMYKaren Love 4

19. Cayena Blanca Big Flowers

20. Imagine - Garima Dhawan

21. Geometric Orange

22. Retrographic Rainbow

There are literally hundreds more, but I figured I'd give you a place to start! You can also check out some Etsy shops online. There are some great pillow selections out there.

Do you have any favorite spots where you like to shop for your Spring time pick-me-ups? What ways do you update your home for Spring or Summer? I would love to hear from you! Please drop me a line in the comments! Happy Spring time decorating!

Making Home, Home! Kathleen