With a new brand comes a new look. And I am embracing them both!

There are many photographers out there that shoot breathtakingly beautiful photos, and my dear friend Terri Baskin of Terri Baskin Photography is one of them. Isn't she beautiful?!


A short reminisce - I met Terri during the times of mushroom hair do's and scrunch socks - at least two pair. The mushroom hair do was more like what MCLyte rocked back in the day! I'm sure Terri remembers that! LOL! It was 1999, my sophomore year and her freshmen year at the best school in the land, North Carolina A&T State University. We had so much fun chatting and laughing in the hallways of Morrison Hall. I even introduced her to eyebrow arching. I was like the eyebrow arching queen in our dorm, ushering newbies into the process of keeping those brows tight and right. LOL! I am still OCD to this day about brows. =)) Anyone that really knows me will tell you this! And you see Terri has kept up with keeping those brows on point!

Fast forward many, many years later, and Terri and I have remained good friends. She has helped me along on this branding journey and given me so much valuable information. I really don't know where I would be right now without her. Also, watching her talent develop behind the lens has been an amazing thing to see. When thinking about someone I knew that could capture exactly what I wanted for my business rebrand, I really could not think of anyone else. The caveat - there are two - she is a wedding photographer. She doesn't do headshots AND she lives in northern Virgina. I live in metro Atlanta. The miles are far, but where there is a will, there is a way. I knew it would eventually work itself out.

Terri was planning a trip here and we had everything all figured out. WOMP, WOMP...the weekend she was coming my little baby boy ended up with hand, foot, and mouth disease. Sigh...needless to say our session was cancelled. We couldn't have her transporting that bug back to the DMV. BUT...a silver lining was in the clouds. #wontHEdoit She informed me about a month later that she was planning to come back down during the King holiday! YES, YES, and YES!!!! She managed to squeeze me into her tight schedule. And then just like that...magic!! Well, maybe not just like that, but you know what I'm saying!

I'll be the first to admit, I don't think I do professional photography well. I am more like a candid camera kinda gal. And I am sure Terri can attest to this - I was a piece of work! Trying to look like me, but my regular me, not a fake me. Geez!! Even my little seven year old daughter was giving me pointers. She was our little helper for the day. While here, Terri did not share with me a single photo, but I felt with 100% certainty that she captured the essence of me and my business. I impatiently waited for my photos, and everything I am and believe my business is (at least right now in this moment) she captured on film - or shall I say memory card? =))

Fresh. Functional. Style. My headshots. My business. Me.






I really could not decide which ones to use for my new website. Over time, I am sure I will be switching the pictures around because I absolutely love all these. Were there more? Of course! But these are my hands down, absolute favorties!

Let me tell y'all...This woman is the truth behind this lens and as my dear friend. She is already super successful with her business, but I pray continued blessings for her and the lives she will touch through her photography. Thank you Terri for making time for me and helping me follow my dreams with style.

If you are in the DMV or Atlanta because I want her to move here (and I'm sure I'm not alone =)), and in need of a photographer to capture your wedding, anniversary, or engagement, please contact my friend Terri Baskin. She also travels. Take a moment to visit her site and subscribe to her blog. You won't be disappointed. Did I mention how amazing she is?! Get on over to her site and check her out and tell her I sent you! Have a wonderful week!




site_homepage The longest post I will ever write. I am a pictures kinda gal!


So, how did I end up with Kaydehim Design? About five years ago, a few degrees later, and a family all in the mix, thoughts about interior design were steadily on my mind. I kind of set it aside to work on my PhD at NCSU - yes I finished. But design just kept calling me and wouldn't let me go. I couldn't let it go either. After a few years of painting, but not doing any interior work, I began pushing forward with my design business...again.

I was going to do this and be successful. I needed a name; a new name. I looked at my full name including my maiden name and used my initials to spell out a word. I thought it was genius! I came up with another color scheme, layout, and fancy fonts. I designed my business cards, my certificate of authentication for my art - everything. I was being more intentional about how I wanted to represent my business. I used it for about two years and I loved it. I even completed about five virtual design projects and one Atlanta based project with this business name and branding. The problem? Every - single - time I told someone my business name, they would ask me two questions 1) how do you say that? and 2) how do you spell that? I thought, if they can't say it and can't spell it, how in the world will they ever find me? I needed to change it. I needed to think about the current and future state of my business - my whole business, not just my logo. I needed to think about and make a real branding plan! *as if I really knew what that meant*

And so began this journey...with MAD INTENTION!

Last year I reached out to one of my friends Terri Baskin of Terri Baskin Photography to talk to her in general about business branding. Terri does not proclaim to be an expert in branding. She is a photographer, but had just rebranded her business. I knew she could give me a few pointers because I have watched her business flourish! She knows something and I wanted to tap into that. What turned out to be a general conversation ended up being a full out plan - with homework and different exercises for me to do. She also gave me due dates to complete everything and we checked in every few weeks to make sure I was staying on top of things. If you know me at all I can go left real quick sometimes! =)

During this process she also gave me information about a branding specialist named Ashlee Proffitt. I attended one of her webinars on how to brand. And I tell you, every single thing Terri had me doing were the exact things I learned in this webinar. Over the months I attended several webinars on how to market your business and how to use social media - everything discussed tied back to how to brand yourself. Besides my patient husband who wholeheartedly accepts my torture each and everyday (and he offers such great advice that I sometimes don't listen to when in the end I should have), I also tortured my good friend J. Darius Greene of 825 Memories about ALL of this. He has a wonderful listening ear. Although sometimes unsolicited =)), he offered such great advice during this process and helped me think of some things differently.

Ok - Back to the process. The thing that resonated with me throughout this process beyond Terri's genuine interest in seeing me succeed was an assignment that she gave me that asked me to sum up my business (who I am) in one sentence. She will tell you - I sent her several emails with multiple iterations of my statement. Maybe I wasn't sure yet. I don't know. This was probably one of the hardest things I had to do, but it forced me to confront whether or not I actually believed in my skill enough to not only say it, but to write it. 'Write the vision and make it plain' (Habakkuk 2:2) was on repeat in my head. And in addition to thinking/writing my statement, I needed consider how my overall brand design would resonate with people. 'I am Kathleen, a metro Atlanta Interior Designer and artist, and I create spaces that are fresh, functional, and stylish.'

What I knew for sure was that I wanted to use a timeless color and one with some punch. I wanted clean lined, no frills fonts. I wanted structure. I wanted text that carried a graphical element so it could stand alone if needed. I could see it all in my head, but needed to sketch it, then digitize it. After a few renditions of what I thought I wanted, I finally landed on exactly what I wanted.


Fast forward to today and many branding exercises later. I am here. Kathleen Mapson & Company is here! I toiled for months about my business name, the design of the logo, the colors, my web site, social media, company forms, design boards, the design of everything, the feeling of everything....I mean every single detail, I paid attention to. So how did I arrive at this name? I am an interior designer and so much more. I am an artist. I am a creator. I am a developer. I am a teacher. I don't want to only design beautiful spaces and paint pretty art. There is so much more that I want to do in the design world - so much more I will do. So, after considering every word that could pair with Kathleen Mapson, I chose & Company. It not only speaks to where I am, but where I am going. And I couldn't be happier.

Fresh. Functional. Style. What I Love About My New Brand.

  • I love the colors. Gray and orange are two of my favorite hues. I knew when I began this journey that they would be the leading colors.
  • I love the clean lined look of my logo. The KM is strong enough to stand alone and still represent my brand. It can also be paired with text and be just as awesome.
  • I am over the moon about my headshots. My photographer Terri Baskin rocks. She totally captured what I envisioned. My headshots speak to who I am and my brand. I would sooooo hire me!
  • I love that I included a 'Loves' page. This will evolve over time, but it allows me to share a little more about myself in images with little supporting text. It's important to me that you know something about me beyond what I do.
  • I love my Portfolio section. Why? Because when you look at the rooms as a collection, I think it tells a beautiful story about who I am as a designer. It gives you a feel for my design aesthetic.
  • I love that my original art is displayed because creating in this medium evolved from my beginnings - from pencils to brushes.
  • I love that my site is mobile. So you can enjoy it from anywhere.
  • I LOVE feeling like my online presence is up to date and completely represents my brand. My Brand is Me!

So, are you considering rebranding? My Experience. My Advice.

  1. Take your time. Comb through the details. Figure out your style, the things you love, and go from there. Try Pinterest. Pin your likes. You will begin to see some commonality across your photos.
  2. Trust the process. It takes time sorting out stuff. Also seek out advice from others, attend webinars, or hire someone that knows branding to help you.
  3. Don't limit yourself. Be open to new ideas. Do some research on your own even if you have hired someone to assist you with your branding.
  4. Set a launch date and stick to it. This is the one thing I didn't do because I wanted everything almost finished before committing. This did cause me to drag my feet. So I am advising you to set that date. It will definitely help keep you on track and help push you along.
  5. Once the ball is moving, seek feedback from those that know something about branding and those that really don't. Having both viewpoints may help you see things a little more clearer.
  6. Keep moving. You WILL get there! Just don't stop!

Thank you so much for reading! I look forward to sharing more of this journey with you!





kmapson_final_logo Today is the official launch day of Kathleen Mapson & Company. You just don't know how excited I am to finally be here. This has been in the making for 14 years. Yes - 14 years! A dream delayed does not mean a dream denied. So please, grab a glass of tea, kick your heels back, and take some time to look around my site. I will be sharing with you all the details about my rebrand in my next post.

Thank you for stopping by. And don't leave without subscribing or commenting. I look forward to sharing with you many more things along my journey.