From Granny Classic to Modern Graphic: Ottoman UpDo 2

kens_final_ottomansUpholster Something I Just Bought? Say What Now?

So a few days back I posted Ken's Bachelor's Pad which showed those awesome ottomans covered in a modern graphic fabric. Well here is a little secret, they looked nothing like that when I purchased them. You heard me right, purchased them!!

They actually looked like this! YIKES...OUCH...Can you say Grandmaaaaaa!!!!!! And I'm talking Grandma from back in the day folks (when furniture was covered in plastic and you couldn't sit on it because it was in the fancy living room that no one was allowed to go in), not like the little hot grandmas of today! =))


Now typically I don't mind DIY projects if it's something old or something that needs a little TLC, but to modify something completely brand new... GASP!!!! I have never been a - buy new and then do some work to it type of girl.

Side Note...nothing drives my husband more crazy than DIY projects and DIY projects of items I just bought from the store - that's just something he can't fathom, and ummm...I can't either sometimes.

But he knows by now when I'm determined, I'm determined. He also knows that the end result is going to be great (or at least that's what he tells me). So he takes a back seat to my madness and waits for the finale. =)) Love you hun if you are reading this.

With these ottomans I thought, how awesome would they be had they been done like this (use imagination). So this time, I stepped outside of my rationale self, thought nothing of the head shaking I knew I would receive from my husband (even though I was spending Ken's money and not ours), and I went with my gut...which never fails me folks, NEVER!

I purchased these babies at a big box store for a few reasons: 1. The scale, shape, and style were all perfect for this space. 2. They were built pretty solid. 3. I knew with a little imagination they would be beyond awesome.

Recovering the Ottomans To liven up these soon to be beauties, I removed the tufted buttons and the granny fabric.


Because Ken's space was grays and golds, I knew I wanted to warm the space up a little with some natural tones. I had a side table I scored for $5 years ago (that I knew would work in somebody's space one day) that was a nice walnut color and I wanted to bring that warmth to these ottomans, especially since they would reside in the center of the space. As you can see the legs were painted a pale, blond color originally. So I sanded them to remove the top coat of sheen and pulled out my paint brush. I painted the legs with a nutty brown color. Believe it or not, I did not prime the legs at all. The pale, blond color worked in my favor helping me achieve the look I was after. The original color created the highlights you see below. The result was nothing short of magnificent (at least in my opinion =)). The legs look like they have really been stained!! YESSSS!!!!!


Next I had to fill the holes made by the tufting since the tops would be completely flat. I had some foam left over from a previous project, so I cut little pieces from it and stuck them in the ottoman holes. I then wrapped the whole ottoman in batting to smooth out the tops and add a little extra cushion. Sorry I don't have a pic of this step. I was too excited and eager about wrapping them in the fabric. Lastly, I wrapped them in a citrusy, modern graphic fabric centering the print on both ottomans. I made sure the edges were as smooth as I could them and then worked my way around the bottom of the cushion stapling the fabric in place.Now check these babies out!! My husband could not believe how great they turned out. He is now a believer of As for my lucky apartment dweller Ken, he saw a picture of the ottomans when I purchased them, but I kept the fabric and the final look of the ottomans top secret until installation day. I wanted to surprise him. He could not believe they were the same ottomans.

Pay no attention to the shreds folks!! =))


Just goes to show you that with a little imagination and elbow grease, you really can make new even better. Now get out there and find you some almost awesome ottomans and get busy turning them into something magnificent.

Making Home, Home!


Small Space, Big Style: ATL Bachelor's Pad Reveal

Our Little Story

I was elated to hear from one of my former clients (Ken B.) telling me that he was relocating from North Carolina to Atlanta. While in North Carolina I helped him decorate his single-family home and also painted some custom art pieces. In the middle of his project, we received word of an opportunity for my husband to relocate to Atlanta for his job and after much thought we decided to take it. After sharing the news with Ken and discussing how to keep his project moving along, he said those three little magic words every decorator wants to hear...I TRUST YOU!! So to keep his project on track, I assisted him via telephone, text, email, FaceTime - however we could communicate to make sure the job would get finished. It wasn't easy, but we got it done. PHEW!!

Because of how great our relationship has grown and how great that project turned out,I was secretly hoping that he would ask me to help him out again...I mean why wouldn't he, right??? Well guess what? He did and I happily accepted.

Side Note Ken has an excellent eye so I am recruiting him as my design assistant. I have made him well aware of this, but I think he thinks I'm kidding. Ummm sir...NOT!! And I'm trying to get him to be my personal stylist because these days my attire is really lacking. I can't seem to pull things together for the life of me. When I tell you this man has an eye for fashion!! He is really working in the wrong line of work...but I digress!! =))) Ken if you are reading this, you my dear are awesome!

Back to the current room Now unlike before (1650 sq.ft of space in the single-family home), Ken decided to downgrade into a 800 square foot apartment - YIKES - and he sold just about all his stuff from his previous home which was full of great things...SIGH!!! I was slightly devastated to because had I known about this (I think he kept me in the dark on purpose so he wouldn't have to hear my mouth about it) I would have hit him up for some stuff!! So the hunt was on for new and maybe old, functional, and fresh items that would work double duty in this small space.

His Needs  Urban, Fresh, and a Pop of Color. He stated the budget and said I trust you, do your thing - and that is exactly what I did!!

So here is what I had to work with initially: 1. Low profile bookcases he kept from the old home that we could use as the television/media console 2. Single lonely lamp 3. And the custom art I painted for his previous home (which I didn't want to use at first, but he insisted and now I'm glad we used them)

Major Purchases 1. A low profile sofa that wouldn't intrude to much into the space, but provide ample seating 2. More lighting 3. Side chairs 4. Ottomans (recovered to look great) 5. Window panels 6. Some accessories (he had some things I thought I could use)

The Room The creamy palette lended itself to be the perfect backdrop for what I wanted to do. For some reason here lately I am loving cream or white walls. I feel it gives me extra room to play a little more with color in the textiles and accessories.


Check out the space before...drab, drab, drab...

Before Pics (After the Purchase of the Sofa)

But the after is look WHOAAAAA!!!!!! So different and so much better. Don't you agree?! =))

After Pics (KMC Customs - Art, Pillows, Ottomans)




Remember He Said  Urban, Fresh, and a Pop of Color. So to make this happen:

1. Urban - Clean lined furnishings, low profile on everything - gives it a more modern, urban flare 2. Fresh - Not cluttered with furniture - just enough to provide the right amount of seating, accessories do not over power the room, and similar color story in rug and big furniture items 3. Pop of Color - Taken from the golden yellows in the art work - the ottomans and pillows add that element of pop

There is nothing like seeing everything come together the way you envisioned it and your client loving it just as much as you do. I absolutely love the way this space turned out and seeing Ken's face at the reveal was priceless.

Have an awesome day y'all and thanks for stopping by!

Making Home, Home! Kathleen