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Design is how I tell your story, organize your life, and create a comfortable, beautiful space for you to retreat to. Design is how I help you live.

My earliest memory of telling a story through design was in the 3rd grade. My art class was responsible for the set design of our jungle themed school play. When asked who wanted to create the lion, the star of the show, I excitedly raised my hand. I recall being nervous with every stroke of the paint brush, but somehow trusting my instincts. It turned out better than I imagined. My love for art and design was ignited, and as time passed and projects progressed, I realized I had to design.

With a formal education in engineering & architectural drafting and design, a God-given gift to draw, and those instincts I trusted so long ago, I launched Kathleen Mapson & Company in 2015. I am fully committed to my partnership with every client and my background, passion for design, and collaborative approach have served us well so far. 

I am Kathleen Mapson, an Interior Designer and Artist. I create spaces that are a mix of modern, classic style for sustainable living. 



While I am based out of Atlanta, I have designed for clients living in Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. As your designer, I work with you to transform your living space into a place you will love to call home. When designing spaces, I think about the things that matter most to you. Those things become the core of your design – what I use to build beauty and functionality around.


I believe your home should reflect who you are and the life you have lived – showcasing your individuality.

I believe your home should be a functional masterpiece designed around the way you live and move in that space.

I believe your home should provide comfort, relaxation, excitement, or invigoration – whichever you want based on how you live.

I believe you should live beautifully. And as your designer, I am committed to thoughtfully creating a well-designed and beautiful space for you to retreat to.



We want you to love the space we create for you and enjoy the journey getting there. In order to so, it is important to listen attentively to make sure your Vision and Voice are heard.


Fostering a trustworthy relationship is the corner-stone of KMC business. We believe in clearly defining business practices and maintaining transparency throughout your project.


We are passionate about the design process and committed to quality results. We will design and execute a plan that aligns with your lifestyle, and effortlessly showcases your individuality.


Having a budget is necessary, but we also do not want to break the bank. KMC will make every effort to maximize your dollars by making wise spending choices and maintaining a balanced budget.