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Color Me Orange - Project: Children's Playroom, Part 1

Part 1One of my absolute favorite spaces to see and decorate in a home are kids spaces. And if you have a dedicated kids play area you are super fortunate. If you have followed me on Instagram or Facebook, you have already seen a sneak peek of this project. Although it's been a long time coming, it is finally finished and I am ready to share.Because of all the info packed in this post, I am breaking it up into three parts. So first up is the project's beginnings.

The Beginning To begin, this was the dullest little playroom - no life, no color, no light, no organization, no nothing.



Sad right? Sigh...Would you want to play in here? Can you even see being creative in here? Of course not! And if you can, you certainly have a heck of an imagination!! Well, to bring this to a happy place, I had to have a little chat with my clients, who happened to be 8 and 5. These kiddies are a ball of fun and had their own ideas about what they wanted and how things should look. So setting aside my own thoughts of what I instinctively wanted to do, I actually interviewed them to find out how they use this space and what they wanted to see in this space.

So they came up with this: 1. More color! Color! Color! We are kids! 2. We need something to look at on the wall. They are all plain white. 3. The couch is to far from the tv to play video games. (LOL) 4. We need somewhere to put all our games and remotes. 5. Where are my books going? 6. What about all our board games?

And I translated it into this (designer checklist): 1. Add Color! They are kids! 2. Incorporate colorful artwork (created by them). 3. Add additional seating (for them and the neighborhood kids). 4. Storage, storage, and more storage. 5. Shelving (as reading is just as important as socializing and playing games in this space). 6. Again, more shelving, storage or flat surfaces for kids stuff.

The Presentation Board