Kathleen Mapson & Company


The Beginning...


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to HOME by Kaydehim created by me...Kathleen Mapson!

I am new to the blogging world, but in the never ending land of blogs I am ready to niche out my little corner of blogger heaven. Because I love interior design and can never really stop talking about it - I can really go on, and on, and on *shrugs shoulders* - I decided to use this platform for a few reasons...

1. To chronicle my thoughts about design and art (Art, my first love!) 2. To organize and share my own design projects 3. To demonstrate how to create and save money through easy-to-do DIY projects (you too can do it!) 4. To display the beautiful works of others that I am constantly (and a little obsessively) inspired by 5. To be inspired by you (the readers), your creations, and your thoughts, questions, and comments

(SN) - I love lists, so you will probably see a lot of these in my posts. =) It just makes life a little bit easier especially since I can ramble on about design!! =)) 

I believe that your house should be a direct reflection of you (your family) and the life that you live...AND...it doesn't or shouldn't have to cost a fortune! *such a myth, but if you have a fortune I'm all for that too!* So my goal is to bring you great design solutions that will be inspiring, simple to complete (I hope), and just plain ol' awesome! With every picture and every post, I would love for you to be a part of the conversation by sharing your thoughts or posting links to your ideas or that of others. We are all in this together right? =)

So I leave you with this (which is the reason for everything I will ever post)...It is my hope that you will feel encouraged enough to create a space that is a beautiful reflection of you - all while keeping it fresh and functional.