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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

So this year I wanted to sprinkle a little Christmas cheer throughout our home. I wanted to make something quick, fast, and in a hurry for little cost. So I thought about what I love most about Christmas decorations and what I love seeing this time of year and of course it's the Christmas tree!!

I knew that I could buy some styrofoam cones, but when I went to purchase them I ended up with over $50 worth and still needed to buy trim!! YIKES!!!! Ummm, no thank you. Even with my 40% and 50% off coupons I would still end up paying way more than what I wanted. So I thought, what could I use that would give me the same look for little money and the lightbulb went off - Poster Board!! I picked the heaviest weight they had that still had enough flexibility to roll. I purchased three sheets for less than $12 total. I also picked up some sparkly and fluffy trim to wrap around my soon to be Christmas rolls.

Folks let me tell you, for less than $30 for all my supplies I ended up with nine lovely little trees in varying heights, textures, and colors. Just makes my heart sing.So if you are looking for some quick and easy decorations to liven up your home or to serve as table centerpieces for this holiday season, please consider making these. They take less than 10 minutes each to make.

What You Need  Poster Board Trim Hot Glue Gun Scissors

How To Make Cut triangle shapes using your poster board. Cut the bottom of the triangles in a curved shape instead of flat and straight. Roll the poster board until you have a point at the top. Hot glue or tape along the seam. From the bottom up, wrap your trim around your cone shape. Use hot glue at the beginning and end of your trim wrap.

There you have it folks!! I am sure it will turn out to be something PURTTTYYYYY like the ones below.


From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Making Home, Home! Kathleen