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The 2014 African American Top 20 Interior Designers

There was a time when I didn't even know we existed in interior design let alone actually making a living at doing what we love. I was searching for faces that looked like mine as affirmation that we too can succeed at creating and crafting beautiful spaces for people to live and make beautiful memories of their own. Ironically enough one day I stumbled upon the blog of Kimberly Ward, also know as Pink Eggshell, combed through the pages of her blog and found the African American Top 20. It was a list highlighting some of the top African American interior designers from around the country. Kimberly has worked diligently over the years to bring to light and share with the world some of the best interior designers. Does it stop at only twenty? Absolutely not! Since then I have learned about so many more and my list keeps growing. But from this you do get a glimpse of who we are, okay maybe not me yet =)),  so I'll say who they are and the contributions they have made to the field of Interior Design.

This weekend in Atlanta these amazing designers are celebrated and being recognized for the accomplishments they have made, for the doors they are opening for all designers to come, and for just being fierce - finding their way, carving their niche, and making it happen in this big old world of design.

When you have a moment please check them out! For more information about these designers and the events going on around Atlanta in honor of them, please visit Pink Eggshell. Bravo to all the designers!