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Using Pub Tables in the Dining Room

Image Courtesy of Godby Home Furnishings: Jofran Stain Walnut Counter Height Contemporary Pedestal Table

I recently received an inquiry with a few pictures about using pub tables for dining room spaces. I have to admit that when I first saw the tables I thought 'wow these are really nice and are a great price'. But as much as I love pub tables, I have to admit that I am not a fan of them in dining rooms. *please don't throw rocks* =)

Because of her email I felt this would be a great way to give you all a few things to consider when purchasing or using pub tables in your space. So let me explain.

Why Not The Dining Room: Pub/Counter Height Tables v/s Standard Dining Tables

The standard height of pub tables typically range from 40"-42" (and counter height tables 35"-36"). Because of the size of pub tables, standard height tables can more easily transition into other spaces especially when the ceilings are your standard 8' or 9' heights. Due to their size, a pub table will take up more visual linear space and possibly make your space feel a little more cramped instead of open and airy

Also, if you ever tire of the dining set look and want something different down the road, it may be much easier (in my opinion) to find attractive and affordable dining chairs that will work great with your dining table. And if you have little ones, it is much easier for them to climb on and off a standard height dining chair (16"-18" from seat to floor) as opposed to the pub table chair ("24-26" or 28"-30" from seat to floor).

Where & When Pub/Counter Height Tables Look Great  Pub/counter height tables can look great in various spaces

  • In an open basement or entertainment area where there is ample space to move around
  • In spaces where there are adequate ceiling heights - 10' or higher<
  • On a patio or deck especially if neither are surrounded on all sides by exterior walls
  • In spaces that are flooded with windows or natural light which gives the illusion of more space
  • In smaller spaces like kitchens for creating little breakfast nooks, two seat tables may work best
  • In kitchens where counter space is limited and you need a counter height work area
  • If you are taller pub/counter height tables may just be more comfortable for you

So does this mean that you shouldn't purchase that beautifully rich walnut pub table set with the leather seat cushions (like the set above, isn't it beautiful?) if the above are against you? Absolutely not! Just consider the dimensions of your space including the ceiling heights, the surrounding open space, adjoining walls, surrounding windows, and any other entry doors or openings when doing so.

Always remember it's your home and you should select the things that make you happy and most comfortable in your space! But we wise in your buying! Happy Decorating!

Making Home, Home! Kathleen