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1 Year Blogiversary! Kinda...

Let's Celebrate and Reflect!

I know it's been awhile, but I'm finally back and I'm going to do better!

So I thought...it's my blogiversary today, but when looking back through my feed, my blogiversary was actually August 7th! How could I have forgotten such a thing? Sigh...But I will not fret, I will celebrate anyway!

The last year has been good to me. My family is doing awesome and my design business is taking off (details to come). We were blessed ten months ago to welcome a new bundle into the fold and he and his siblings are doing great. I love watching the dynamics of their relationships unfold. It's so beautiful, and pure, and honest, and true, and so very present and in the moment. I love it and I am kinda obsessed with watching them.

As I sit and reflect on this last year of pushing this design business forward, I can identify changes that needed to occur in order to make things happen (details to come on that soon too)! =) Over a year ago, I was blessed to have two conversations about the design business that changed my outlook on my business endeavors. Those conversations inspired me, provoked my creative thought, and left me asking myself some hard questions about what I wanted out of my business. Conversations that definitely needed to be had with people successfully working in interior design. I can't thank Erika (Erika Ward Interiors) and Dayka (Dayka Robinson Designs) enough; two extraordinary examples of what women in a successful business look like! And the fact that they look like me makes it even sweeter! Be sure to check out them out!

As I celebrate one year of blogging...well kinda because (let's look at the facts), I haven't blogged that much, but I'm trying to change that...I rejoice in the small things like - 1) I actually started a blog; 2) I actually blogged at least 20 times and 21 if you include this one; 3) I have completed a few design projects for 'real' clients since I started blogging; 4) I have prepared as best I can for the growth I know I am about to experience with my business and this blog; and all of this makes me super happy!

So with that said, I just want to thank you all for checking out my blog. Thank you for riding along with me this first year. Thank you for FaceBooking me and asking me why I have not posted. Thank you for supporting me. I appreciate every second, minute, or hour you spend out of your time visiting this blog or 'hearting' and liking my pics on social media. Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!

Making Home, Home!

XO, Kathleen