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Hello Love Events Office - After Hey everyone!! How are you guys? I hope your Labor Day weekend was fabulous! Besides a little bug my daughter and I had to start the weekend off, it was great!

Now I know it's has been a while since I last posted, but I am here today! Yayyy!!! Ok, bare with me because I have to catch up. About two weeks ago I received some of the best news - an office I designed in total collaboration with my beautiful client Lacoya Heggie of Hello Love Events, was going to be featured on the spectacular Style Me Pretty Living. Little did we know it was going to be featured so quickly. Lacoya called me on Friday with an "OMG...the office is being featured today" and I was like "Wait...what, today!!" Totally unexpected and totally caught off guard. In case you missed it, be sure to click through the virtual pages of Style Me Pretty Living, Hello Love Office Tour.  And...Yayyyy for the Friday feature!!!!

Hello Love Events

A little back story - I met Lacoya through my lovely friend Terri Baskin. I have written about Terri here and I am sure a few other places on my blog. Terri passed my information on to Lacoya because she needed a little help with her home office. Lacoya is the owner of a wonderful weddings and events planning business in northern Va - Hello Love Events. Isn't she as cute as a button!! #loveher And she could be a hand model too (see the intro pic)! *wink*

Note: To my design friends and future clients, and those thinking about the designer they love so much, but isn't local - please don't let location stop you. The amazing thing about technology (and transportation), is that it is mobile and accessible. You would be amazed at what can actually get done even if you (the designer) can't physically be there. Lacoya and I corresponded by phone, text, and lots of Skype.

By the time Lacoya contacted me, she had painted her office a bright white, and purchased the bookcases, and desk. She was already headed in the right direction. She just needed a more solid plan. Lacoya was clear about the look and feel she wanted. Her words during our first conversation - Timeless, Contemporary, Clean, and Organized. I was happy to oblige. She also has an over-the-top obsession with Kate Spade (LOL), so I knew Kate (first name basis like we are friends, hehehe) would also serve as a major inspiration for this space.

Here is the design plan after a little bit of tweaking. And after she fell in love with a few other items she spotted and some items not being available by the time she was ready go all in, we had to tweak things again.

Hello Love Events Design Plan

Can I tell you guys just how seriously in love with this space I am. And Lacoya - every time I speak with her, I can still hear (yes hear) the sparkle in her eyes and the pitter patter of her heart. A designer's dream is a happy client! Thank you Lacoya for being that happy client!

Here is a before pic after Lacoya installed the bookscases and her desk.

Hello Love Events - Office Before

And here are the amazing after photos! Fresh, Functional and full of Style!



Hello Love Events Office - After

Hello Love Events Office - After

To see more don't forget to stop by the Style Me Pretty Living, Hello Love Office Tour.

Thank you Style Me Pretty Living for the feature! Thank you Andrea Pesce for taking all of these amazing photos! Thank you Lacoya Heggie for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to twirl my magic decorating wand!

Making Home, Home!!