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Floyd Hill Project Before Photo Hey everyone!! I hope you are doing super! Today I wanted to share with you a project that has been in the works for about a year. Yes...a year! If you follow me on Instagram you have seen a few sneak peeks of the Floyd Hill project. Here is a quick recap! And I will try to make a super long story short.

I met with my clients around this time last year. They asked me to help them with three rooms on their main level. We started with the family room. They wanted me to add some life into this room - make it feel fresh, a little more updated, and add of course, some color. My clients tend to like things on the warmer side which seems to stop at brown. They have a huge brown leather sectional as proof and tan colored walls in this room! They wanted to keep the wall color since they recently painted it (before they hired me) and the sectional because it was custom made for their space a few years ago.

We ended up hatching out a really good design plan. After a few changes were made and approved, a few items from that plan were no longer available. Geez!! The fabric I selected for their custom drapery panels was no longer available too...anywhere. I even contacted a local fabric dealer to find out if the fabric was still being milled and it was not. Sigh!

The fabric selection was the crowning jewel for the design plan, and pretty much everything was designed around it. So back to the drawing board! BUT LET ME TELL YOU...missing out on that fabric was the single most important factor and the best thing that could have happened for me as a designer and for their space. It forced me to push my creative juices and come up with an alternative that would knock their socks off.

After sourcing many, and I mean many selections, I knew she was the one when I laid my eyes on her. She was colorful, yet had subtle quality; had a beautiful bold pattern that would serve as a nice back drop to the sectional; and although weighty would add that richness to the space that my clients were after. And guess what?!!! They were SOLD on the fabric! PHEW!!!!!

Fabric for custom drapery Floyd Hill Project


The Plan - Floor Plan & More

Due to their seemingly love of brown, (which I tried and tried and tried to convince them otherwise with the additional furniture selections) I could not get them to budge on other furniture colors. I know, a designer's nightmare with a bunch of brown everything. But this designer knows when to bow out gracefully and adjust, and keep the project moving. So I just embraced it and decided to punch the room with texture and color in all the art and accessories, and add a few shiny finishes.

Floor Plan for Floyd Hill Project

Design Plan Floyd Hill Project


The project is shaping along nicely. I'm actually almost finished with this room and it is looking even better than what I envisioned. I can't wait to share with you the final reveal in a few short weeks! Stay tuned and thank you for stopping by!

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