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Floyd Hill Detail Shot A few weeks ago, the first room from the Floyd Hill project was finally completed! I shared with you all the details about the space in a previous post. I also mentioned my clients' love of brown; as you will clearly see from the photos below. =) To freshen up all that brown and make the space feel a little more current, I added touches of poppy and tangerine orange, leafy greens, and sprinkles of teal blue throughout. Here is another look at where we were when I began.


Before Floyd Hill

The most exciting thing about this room was all the natural light it received from the big, beautiful windows. Everything else was pretty drab, wouldn't you say? Well drab no more!



Although the largest elephant in the room is still there, adding a few key accessories and custom window panels really made a huge difference. I kept the coffee tables a little sparse because the family doesn't like a lot of busyness on surfaces they use daily. I also added a more contemporary soft, gray wool area rug underfoot. It makes for cozy, warm feet on the often cold hardwood floors. We still have to tackle a few things in the kitchen to complete the whole look of these two spaces. That will come in the next round I hope.


Floyd Hill Behind Sectional

The sectional also needed a little bit of love behind it. When floating furniture in your room, consider using a console table to add some interest to the back of your sofa. The console can serve as a more visually interesting divider between two spaces. It can house some of your treasured keepsakes and also be used as an additional space for food and beverages if needed.


Floyd Hill Behind Sectional

Mixing in some new things with items my clients already had created a well-rounded look. Adding the pops of orange and teal with the brown they love so much helped to liven the brown and separate the brown of the console from the brown of the sectional. The color also adds a bit more interest to the room.


Before Built In Bookcases Floyd Hill

The built-in bookcases are my absolute favorite in the entire space. You can see from the before picture shown above, they were just standard bookcases void of any character or anything special. The changes made to the built-ins are by far the most dramatic change in the room.


Built In Bookcases Floyd Hill Project

A beautiful Thibaut, soft gray grasscloth wallpaper was added to the back of the bookcases. It looks very much like a linen texture. Super Yummy, right!!! We also installed can lights in the top of the bookshelves to highlight the grasscloth and illuminate the bookcase at night. Seriously you guys...my favorite thing!!

We also swapped out the wooden shelves for tempered glass so the light could shine all the way through. One thing to note - I would have loved for the shelves to be thicker, but that extra thickness drove the cost of these six shelves super high. The clients did not want to bust the piggy bank any more, so they opted for these. When selecting accessories I had to find things that would not weigh heavily on the shelves. Thankfully, every beautiful accessory these days is not super heavy and a little creative thinking goes a long way. *wink, wink*


For the space we also had custom pleated window panels made. And I painted a little something special for them to bring the whole space together.

Art & Window Panels Floyd Hill Project


Night Shot Family Room Floyd Hill

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I really hope you enjoyed seeing the update as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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