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tropical_g_pinch_pleated_diy As you could probably tell from the previous post about Project Tropical G (part 1), the footprint was on the smaller side - 10' x 11'. Because of it's size, I knew that removing one thing in particular in the room - the closet doors - would be a game changer. The doors (as you can see from the photo below) opened into the room. If the doors were left on the closet, they would take up too much floor space when opened, leaving little to no space to get all the furniture we needed into the room.


I proposed to Lisa that we remove the closet doors. At first she was not on board with the idea, but I knew that this was the right change. It took some convincing and the icing on the cake was when she told me that her husband and their daughter (who is a design enthusiast) was on board with the idea and they both totally 'got it' when she shared with them my idea. Don't you just love when that happens? So, what to put in it's place? Custom drapes of course! Adding drapes would not only give her extra space, but also provide the privacy she needs to keep hidden any items in her closet, (with the right fabric) give her some bold color and pattern, and add softness to combat all those hard office lines.

Tip: When working in a small space, consider removing the doors in your room. The swing of the doors can take away too much floor space. You can add drapes to provide closure or if you need something a little more private and you have an appropriate wall length, you could also add a pocket door or barn doors. Doing so can instantly add valuable space back into your room.

Because of her love of all things tropical, I sourced Waverly's Peaceful Perch Sherbert. The fabric boasted a bold print with shades of coral and turquoise, and hints of minty green like that of the walls. It also had a wonderful repeat of peacocks that I knew she would love. And why wouldn't she? This fabric embodied everything she loved!


Lisa has her own design ideas and her strength is at the sewing machine. I initially proposed back side concealed top drapes, but she wanted to modify the design and make pinch pleated drapes. I knew they would look just as swell so she had no arguments from me. And let me tell you, she did an awesome job!

Excerpt from Casa Bouquet - DIY How To Make Pinch Pleat DrapesLisa Grable, Casa Bouquet

The “junk room” in our house was supposed to be my office! I was sewing and working around piles that didn’t have a place to belong. This is Part 2 of the journey from junk room to peaceful tropical office with Kathleen Mapson & Co. [See part 1 here!]

I was overcome when Kathleen first said, “You have to take down the closet doors.” She convinced me that drapes would give softness and allow more room in the office. It helped a lot that she found this gorgeous print with flowers and peacocks (Waverly Peaceful Perch Sherbert)! Today I’m sharing what I came up with for covering the closet while also being the accent wall.

Check out the results and read more about how to make your own pinch pleated drapes by visiting Casa Bouquet. You won't be disappointed!

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