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The Reveal, Project: Children's Playroom

Part 3 So I've yapped about the beginning and the middle of this project. Now it's time for the reveal! Just to bring you up to speed in case you've missed out on the happenings - the space lacked everything - color, organization, style, extra seating, and storage. You name it, it was missing. So after interviewing my young clients I came up with a plan to dramatically change the look, feel, and storage issues this space had.


The End

When I tell you I absolutely love and adore this space. I love the neutral vanilla cream walls around the space anchored by the charcoal chalkboard wall. I love the crispness of the white media console and bookshelf directly across from the gallery wall filled with wonderful art created by the kiddies. The bright white lamps and white side tables also help to keep things light and fresh. I love how the room is filled with color from top, to bottom, to the middle, but balanced with the creamy walls and tan carpet. And the light...let there be light in a space that was dark and dreary.This space is happy, creative, bright, airy, organized, comfortable...just plain ol' fun!! And I must tell you, the kiddies absolutely loved it!! The chalkboard wall stole the show. They LOVED seeing all their art displayed and loved all the color. They even said it makes them feel happy being in there!

It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I design a space that's right on and everybody loves it not only because of it's beauty, but it's function!! It makes making home, home - just right!!

I hope you all love the space just as much as we all do...so...here you go!!

Before & After: TV Wall - Besta bookshelf and media console (removed doors) to create open storage, and added baskets for easy to reach games, videos, remotes, legos, and a few other everyday play items. Custom storage ottomans also helps to hide clutter, toys, and even a kid!! =))
Added custom box sofa backs, an orange and white mini-chevron fleece sheet draped across the back, orange throw, and a ton of custom pillows to break up the color of the massive brown sofa and add some visual interest.
Gallery wall displaying the most beautiful artwork ever! Helps to fill up the massive wall space and add much needed interest, color, and fun!
Around the room


Lerberg bookshelf to display books. Added acrylic magazine holders to store books. Used clear acrylic to keep open, airy feel on bookshelf. Yarn letters above.

Need design help? Please email me at kaydehimdesign@gmail.com. To my readers, Thanks so much for stopping by to check out the reveal. I would love for you to leave a message, a question, or share something you've done to spruce up a kid's space in the comments section below. Again, thank you and have an awesome day!!

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