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2013 Recap & 2014 Action in Motion!

There are some changes going on around the blog just in case you haven't noticed! I changed the name, but everything is still 100% me! Why you ask...because this blog is about making home feel more like what home should feel like for me and you. It is about everyday design for everyday living. Everything I share with you is to not only show you what I have been up to, but also to show you that you can do it too! Just get out there and try something even when you have no clue what you are doing. You will be surprised at what you learn in your mistakes and through your victories! And, I always sign off with Making Home, Home so I thought how befitting it would be to just call the blog Making Home! I love it and I hope you do (or will) too! 2013 Recap In an effort to spread a little more sunshine in the blogosphere, do a little more blogging, and let you in on the happenings around my own home, I'll be sharing with you more little projects I'm doing around the house to make home a little bit more homey!<

Trying to Get Things Done...Finally! Relocating from North Carolina to metro Atlanta three years ago, getting the kiddies situated, starting new positions at work, and having a new baby (4 months ago today) has had me burned out. Last year I finally started tackling a few projects around the house like this this fabulous (in my humble opinion =)) kids space. It was actually even featured on Apartment Therapy, and a few odds and ends type projects which I'll show you in the coming weeks. I must admit, I am really funny about what I share about my home and how much I allow the world to see - so I will probably never really put it all out there - but this year I think I may share just a smidgen more....maybe. I will at least share some great little projects I'm doing around the house and maybe a few room reveals.

So, first things first - a small recap of some accomplishments to get things kicked off right. 1. I actually started blogging. Something I talked about for at least a year and I finally bit the bullet and just did it. Here it is in all it's glory! And you can read about it my beginning journey here.


2. I tackled one of the most important rooms in the house, the Kid's Playroom and I customized some ottomans. My mother is an upholsterer and over the years I have picked up a thing or two. So in trying to walk in her footsteps just a little I figured I would try my hand at my first small upholstery project, and I loved it, and she did too. When she saw them on the blog she told me how great they were and then I knew it was coming....she started telling me how much greater they could have been had I done so and so.....LOL!!! I love that lady! And she was spot on with the finer details. You can read all the reveal here and visit the tutorials for those little storage ottomans here.

3. I completed my first client project in Atlanta. Decorating has always been something I have loved to do even before I knew it was something I could actually do. And for years I have wanted to start a decorating business after having studied architectural drafting and design in college, and teaching graphic and lower level interior design classes at The Art Institute of Raleigh. Well, right before we moved to Georgia, I had finally landed my first decorating client (see it here)**Fix link** and I loved every minute of the process. Once we moved here everything kind of went on the back burner until I could get my footing. Finally, the opportunity to design a space and get the ball moving again happened. A friend and former client called to inform me that he was moving to Atlanta and of course I had to design his new space and I managed to redo some oh so chic ottomans (read here) for him too. So now I'm getting back in the saddle and getting this business in gear. Onward and upward!! Read all about his space here - Small Space, Big Style - ATL Bachelor's Pad.

2014 Action in Motion I am kicking off 2014 with a host of projects around the house. And I will start out with the home office. It has truly been a work in progress and still is. I'm very OCD about where things should go and when it comes to my own spaces I will move things around 100 times until it feels right. Sometimes I really can't get out of my feelings even when I know technically some things are right, if I am still unsettled with it...well it's getting moved around or replaced! It's just like that sometimes. It's kinda weird that with my stuff sometimes thought and I just can't put a finger on it, but with everyone else I have no problem.

Anywho, we converted our formal living room into our home office because: 1. we are veeeeeerrrrryyyyyy far from formal.

2. no one ever walked into that part of the house except guests passing through from the front door to the family room, well you could count the kids running around chasing each other because of the open spaces or them doing cartwheels and standing on their hands, and then there is the screaming from someone slipping and falling...I digress - but you get the point.

3. I was tired of cleaning up eraser shavings, glue droppings, crayon marks, homework papers, and everything else you can name from the little kiddies sitting at the island in our kitchen.

4. and probably the most important reason - I'll be darned, I just wanted a home office! =)) So here is where we began (dark, organized clutter, and just plain ol' boring). So not our personalities, at least most days. =)

I know..the pics are not the best. I took them with my phone. I really forgot to use my camera. Sorry! =/

The To-Do-List 1. Better shelving including keepsakes - for now - I love a bookshelf covered with books not necessarily knick-knacks!! We need something that extends up these super tall walls. I believe the ceilings are at 12' - 14' high. Plenty of place to vertically play.

2. Make better use of the desk Basic iKea folks. Great selections for low, low prices. I like the contrast of the dark tops against the cream walls and the contrast with the legs, but again, not sure if I want to paint the tops or not. We will see!

3. Rearrange the seating and get more seating, maybe (to upholster or not to upholster - that is the question. I picked these low wingbacks up when I was a grad student at NCState. They had the coolest mid-century modern furniture they were throwing/giving away. If my truck was big enough I would have hauled tail outta there with a ton of other things. Sigh...Some great pieces. These are solid wood covered in vinyl, super heavy, and have stood the test of time. I contemplate recovering these with fabric, but there is something about being able to easily wipe the surface without having to scrub that I love, especially with three kiddies in tow and one of them being a little baby that is bound to spit-up on these babies. What are y'alls thoughts? Leave me a comment

4. Bring in some color through textiles and art.

5. Lighten it up with some lamps! Stay tuned as this space evolves and I will surely keep you posted!!

Anything you all are trying to accomplish in this new year? Let me know by leaving a comment! Now get to having a little fun, creating something new, and bringing out that staple gun, that hot glue gun, or that hammer!!

Making Home, Home!