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tropical g home office makeover Now I know you have been following along with my virtual Project Tropical G! Please tell me you have...pretty please? Must I add with sugar on top? =) Well just in case you haven't, be sure to check out my previous posts - the design plan (Part 1), the making of custom drapes to replace the room's closet doors (Part 2), and custom made roman shades (Part 3). Lisa, my friend, my client, and fellow blogger at Casa Bouquet has written some great posts on how to do parts 1 and 2 yourself. So make sure you stop by her little haven in the blogosphere too!

Project Tropical G Revealed!

A quick reminder of what the space looked liked before. Lisa referred to it as her junk room; the catch all of everybody's things. But the after is nobody's junk room. It is a fully functioning space that feels fresh and a bit stylish.

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

The Overall Vision

Her love for Hawaii and her home being known as the Tropical Cottage directed me to design her space with some white furniture pieces for the cottage feel, mixed with bold colors for the tropical look and feel. Although the room was going to be punched up with color, the overall feeling was to be calm and relaxed - a long way from where we began.

Lisa is one of my virtual clients and we are separated by many, many miles, like over 500! Working with a client virtually is no easy feat - the main reason - because we (the designers) want to get our hands on the space to see everything in person, to touch everything, and to style everything. Luckily for me, all the major items had arrived and she had begun putting things together. I was planning a trip home to my beautiful state, North Carolina, and planned to make a special trip to her home to finish things off as much as I could. My mom, sister, and little baby boy accompanied me and let me just say, were God Sent for this project. Love you mom and sis!

Needs For The Space

Not sure if you remember her needs (Part 1), but here is what we did in the space:

  1. Painted the room with Sherwin-Williams 6715 Lime Granita.
  2. Added Bankable bookshelves and the Guildmaster Waterfront Harmony, a beautifully carved chest, for organization and storage.
  3. Placed an extendable dining table as the work surface.
  4. Added custom drapes using Waverly Peaceful Perch Sherbert fabric.
  5. Hung botanical artwork Lisa photographed herself in Hawaii. I would love to see her fill up the entire wall with botanical prints. The colors work so perfectly in this room.
  6. Added overhead and task lighting.
  7. Added a flat screen tv in place of the old box tube tv to free up the top surface of the chest to house her tv components.

My wonderful client later added a few more items to the room which you may see on her reveal at Casa Bouquet.

More Reveal Photos - Grab your pineapple, your lei, and let's HULA! 

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Tropical G Office Makeover


Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Tropical G Home Office Makeover

Can't you just feel the tropical vibe?! I absolutely adore this space. Removing the doors literally gave us just about half of the room back, it is packed with storage, and she has a great work surface to lay everything out for her work, crafting, sewing, and the list goes on.

Since this makeover, Lisa has texted me the sweetest messages letting me know how the design of this space and the way she works in this space has changed her life. And, from seeing the fresh flowers styled in the room, her husband also keeps fresh flowers in her office now every single day. How lovely is that?! Nothing warms my heart more than to know that my clients are loving their new spaces, and that the design of the space suits their way of living. My goal as a designer is to help you live your best life in your space while keeping it fresh, functional, and full of style. And I think Lisa would agree!

Lisa, thank you for allowing me into your home! Many Blessings to you and your family!

Have a home office that you made over? I would love to hear about it! Don't forget to head over to Lisa's blog, Casa Bouquet, to see what she has written about this project. Thanks for stopping by!

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